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Consulting Services and Software Engineering

Our company is willing to provide you with the best quality in the following services.

Custom Solutions

From responsive web design to backend services, we utilize leading technologies such as ASP.NET, Django, PHP, nodejs, Dataflex and more.

Cloud Computing

We can provide you with the necessary consulting and engineering services required for development and maintenance in the cloud.

Alpha Accounting System

Our flagship product, a complete accounting system designed in house or in the cloud for Corporate Business Travel Agencies (BTAs).


Who we are

For the past 30 years, Sector Micro Computer, Inc. has provided general consulting and software engineering to leading corporations in various industries such as health care, wholesalers and manufacturing with an emphasis on travel distribution. Our customers have ranged from small to large multi-nationals and have included corporations such as Boeing, Flight Centre Travel Group, Expedia, Travelocity, Student Universe and many others. We've even built the system that helped launch Priceline.com.

The type of services we provide consists of designing cloud based or in-house end-to-end solutions, maintenance of existing applications and web based systems, and other specific project services.


ALPHA Accounting System

We also market our specific travel industry accounting and back office operations system known as ALPHA.

ALPHA is a fully integrated accounting, relational database system that combines full security and audit trail requirements with convenience, functionality, data accuracy and integrity. For the past 30 years, ALPHA has conducted the sales of billions of travel transactions and will continue to conduct billions more. Our goal in the design of ALPHA is "to build a database of travel agency information using leading technologies and to give the user the maximum access to and benefit of that information" continuing to supply such a leading service to Corporations with in house infrastructures and those in the cloud.


Features of the ALPHA Accounting System

The ALPHA Accounting System addresses the following concerns of a Travel Agency
ALPHA is a fully integrated accounting and database system with unprecedented capability to capture, edit, access and store data. Accounting transactions are maintained in real-time during updates or edits to the database. This eliminates the need to post transactions before printing general ledger reports.

All manual entry and edit to ALPHA is subject to user defined controls, and logged with the operator's name, system date, source, reference and internal description of the transaction for a complete audit trail.
The A/R Journal maintains entries for each invoice issued. Cash, check, A/R and credit card sales are tracked for client statements. The system allows edits to form of payment, account code, invoice number and amount. Invoices may relate to multiple items and multiple G/L accounts. The journal maintains invoices, payments, debits and credits for each account. ALPHA handles both credit card to vendor and credit card to agency. (agent is merchant)

The Cash Receipts Journal is used to enter cash receipts from clients, vendors and commission payers. A receipt can be edited after entry if a mistake is made. Changes to a receipt will automatically un-post all application and maintain the correct accounting. Advance deposits are credited to the client's account, but reflected as a liability on the G/L.

The Cash Application system allows receipts and credits to be applied with maximum efficiency. Credits can be applied during receipt processing. Receipts from vendors will credit commissions or credits due from credit card sales or refunds. Credits and debits can be applied or unapplied from the Receipts Journal or from the A/R Journal.
The A/P Journal functions like the A/R Journal. In addition, each entry has a separate deposit, final payment amount, and due date split. The A/P system tracks payables for travel vendors as well as all expense vendors. Payable entries are created automatically via the airline reservation system interface for sales entered. Additional entries can be enabled for GDS entry for such items as automated check requests, rebates, or discount credits to clients.

The Cash Disbursements Journal maintains payments to vendors, and payments to clients for refunds or discounts. Automated checks can be printed individually or by batch. Payments can be allocated to multiple accounts, branches and departments. If a disbursement is voided, all applications are automatically reversed and all accounting is maintained.

The Automated Check Creation system employs a screen based, point-and-shoot method to select items to pay. The selection screen shows each payable along with the total payment received for the related sales transaction, thus allowing the user to guard against disbursing cash before customer payment.
The G/L system contains a flexible chart of accounts, an entry/edit screen for direct G/L Journal entries, and detailed reporting of transactions. All reports can be run for any period of time allowing monthly, weekly or even daily reporting. Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet reports are included. A complete audit trail is maintained via the G/L including cash application for A/R and A/P. Full accrual accounting is maintained for G/L, A/R and A/P systems with complete reporting capabilities for management, vendors and clients.
ALPHA interfaces to Amadeus, Apollo, SABRE, and WorldSpan using option 6 interface. All interface messages are stored, parsed and loaded into the ALPHA system. A separate file of all interface data is stored for archival and auditing purposes.

ALPHA's GDS interface automatically creates company account records, client mailing information for mailing lists, air, car, hotel and accounting records during the interface process.
ALPHA maintains over 600 data elements in its fully relational database. The air ticket database includes accounting information, client information, routing information including individual leg segment costs, and vendor selection, thus allowing non-ARC ticket inventory to be maintained, and reported on. Data that has been updated in IAR (refunds, exchanges, voids debit and credit memos) can automatically be transferred to ALPHA as part of the reconciliation process - the work does not need be duplicated. Hotel and car reservations are stored and reconciled during cash receipts for commission tracking. All types of non-air sales are stored including cruises, land packages and miscellaneous sales. Additional fields can be created by the user to capture any additional data from the remark fields in the GDS.

Indexes are maintained on-line to allow instant (under one second on most PC systems) access to a record. Indexed fields are typically name, company code, account number, date, ticket number, invoice number and vendor. Reporting can be based on any of the fields stored.

All records can be edited, subject only to user-defined security criteria. Accounting is maintained on-line for each record. ALPHA uses context sensitive help which can be customized by the user.
Reporting system for management, operations and clients consisting of the following modules:
  • Standard reports (over 100 included)
  • User query system for direct database access
  • SQL based report generators
  • Custom programmed reports
  • Group Track module
  • Technical support, Training and Customization

ARC IAR Utilities

For Travel Agencies working with IAR data from the Airlines Reporting Corporation, we offer the following free utilities
ILUTIL was designed to allow users to print an ARC type sales report or export their data to a file that can be used in other applications. This version of ILUTIL allows you to export your data to an XML based file in addition to CSV. Full support for the latest specifications from ARC – the ILUTIL [Standard] application will recognize the new fields from ARC and will include them in the CSV and XML output.

Loading your data into the ILUTIL database is a simple process. (see figure above) In the ARC IL File text box, either type in the location and name of the file you downloaded from ARC, or click on the Browse Button next to the text box to search for the file. Once you locate your file, simply click on the Load button and ILUTIL [Standard] will load your data into the database for use. The progress bar will indicate when this task is complete. After the utility has finished loading the data into the database, you may either produce a report, or export your data to a Comma Delimited file (CSV) or XML file.

By default, the option CSV, No Headers is selected for exporting to a comma-delimited file.

NOTE CSV, No Headers export option MUST BE USED if you wish to produce a CSV file that, in turn, will be imported into our Alpha Accounting System.

If you wish to use the other options for export, click the down arrow next to the Export button to one of the additional options for export. Once selected, the caption on the Export button will change to reflect the choice you made (either CSV, No Headers, CSV Headers, TAB Delimited, or XML File). Once you selected the option of your choice, click the Export button. A Save As dialog box will pop up asking you to enter a name for the file and a location to where you want to save the file to. Once you enter a name and specify a location where the file should be save to, click on the OK button and ILUTIL [Standard] will export your data.
This utility is designed for users and developers who are interested in working with the IAR data but are finding it difficult to use because of its unfriendly format. If you open up the IAR file in a text editor (assuming it can handle the width), it looks like one very long line. No breaks and strange characters like the ASCII 128 End Of Field character. By applying the rules set by ARC, we have created a program to convert the IAR format for any current IAR file, both 1A and 1B formats for IL and IB files. It will convert fields into comma and quote separated values and it will mark repeating sections with the fields BEGINREPEAT and ENDREPEAT. Data sets will begin with NEWDATASET.

The resulting CSV file is intended to be read by other PC based programs like spreadsheets or databases that can read CSV files. For example, if you create an IAR IL file (the result of an IL command in the GDS/IAR work area) and download it from their website, you can run it through the IARtoCSV.EXE program and then open up the resulting file in Excel. By removing the first two lines (the file header record and the BEGINREPEAT record) you have a table of your ARC report.

c:\IL_DOS>\IARTOCSV.exe ILFileName (where ILFileName represents the name of the IL Ticketing Data you downloaded from ARC)
This will produce a file with the same filename with an extension .CSV. The CSV file will be created in the same directory as the original data. If you wish to specify the output filename, you can do so by including a second parameter in the command line.

c:\IL_DOS>IARTOCSV.exe ILFileName output.CSV

Output.csv can be any name (example: mydata.csv). The CSV extension added to the output file name is not required, but recommended as it facilitates opening the file in spreadsheet applications.

From Windows Desktop
Drag the IARfilename icon on top of the IARTOCSV program icon (or a shortcut icon).

NOTE: We recommend that you set you set up a folder on your desktop which contains the executable and the IAR data files. The output files will be created in the same folder.You will notice in the image above, after dragging the Sample.IAR file over the IARtoCSV.exe application, it automatically created a Sample.CSV file that can be used in Excel or any other application that can read CSV files.
This utility is designed to assist IAR users in printing a report from the data in the ARC database using the IL handoff file. The IL file contains the basic data used for your ARC sales report. The utility ILUtil will print the file in an ARC report style with columns for the document number, issue date, error and void status, base, tax and commission amounts, and form of payment. By using the 1B format, the PNR locator will also be present. The document order of the report will be in the order of the file. Output from the utility can be directly to a printer or a file. File output will be in CSV format, ready for import into a spreadsheet.
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